Skin Conditions Similar To Vitiligo Long Term Skin Condition-how Do I Get Rid Of It?

Long term skin condition-how do I get rid of it? - skin conditions similar to vitiligo

I had a rash for almost 2 years through my body. Intensley itchy and uncomfortable. Well, I lymph nodes, belching, thinking, central fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, pain in joints and muscles. I was in MD, chiropractors kenisiolgist. Right now I'm graphite, because I've heard in a way that helps the skin. Has anyone something like that? Incidentally, I was lymphoma, diabetes, heavy metals tested, everythings negative.


Rae said...

Doing research on Candida. This is a yeast that can be a natural part of the body, but rather grow out of control and cause symptoms like yours.

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